20S/6 Белая полиэфирная швейная нить

Our bag closing thread are used for all types of bags and sacks like jute bags, gunny bags, PP bags, HDPE bags, woven sacks paper bags etc.We provide various variety of counts for various capacities of bags/sacks ranging from 1Kg bag to 1ton bag capacity.

Product Description:

Made to sew both food as well as non-food bags shut, provided Bag Closing Threads are offered with finer physical strength. Employed for stitching as well as mouth closing of bags, these enable the working even under most inauspicious operating conditions in the agricultural, industrial and many other types of environment. Offered with reliable performance, the utilization of these threads enable trouble-free continuous operations. Provided with finer seam strength of bags, these Bag Closing Threads insure continuous packages resulting in reduced downtime & minimal wastage. 

Key Points :

  • Rendered with guaranteed length & high breaking strength.

  • Highly resistant to chemicals, provided with knot-less package.

  • Have unique anti slough off Y Cone packs, acquirable in assorted colors.

  • Compatible with all types of man-portable sewing machines

    -100% virgin polyester yarn
    -7-8% silicone oil lubricated(food grade)
    -Hard plastic bobbin
    -Big cone available(Max.8kg/cone)
    -High tensile strength
    -Well-shaped cone

-Sewing PP woven bag (sack),muli-wall paper bag,gunny,hessian and bulk bag (FIBC),etc.
-For the industries of fertilizer ,feed meal, grain, flour, sugar, cement, lime, chemical, agriculture, etc.
-Suitable for the most brands of bag closing machine (stationary and portablr).
-Counts :Ne 10/3,10/4,12/4,12/5,12/6,20/3,20/4,20/5,20/7,etc.
-Twist direction:S or Z.
-Cone size:200g,250g,500g,1kg,2kg,4kg,upto Max ,10kg.
-Customized requirement s are avaitable.

Product Details:


Color Card: over 400 different colors available.




Factory: over 30000 tons annual output capacity.